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Park Seed is proud to offer a wide selection of 100% non-GMO seeds that are guaranteed to germinate or we'll replace them
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Trusted for over 150 years, our horticulturists are your gardening experts, ready to provide guidance on planning, sowing, and regular maintenance
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Seeds and accessories ship within 3-5 business days and our live plants will arrive at the ideal planting time for your zone
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In our remarkable 150-year journey, Park Seed has amassed a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the art and science of backyard gardening and small-scale farming. Whether you're seeking guidance on the delicate intricacies of seed sprouting, the optimal strategies for garden planting, the resilience of various crops, the nurturing of fruitful trees, or the artful practices of companion and succession planting, our blog is a treasure trove of invaluable resources ready to provide you with solutions and insights. Dive into a world of horticultural wisdom and experience the transformative power of our time-tested expertise.

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Explore a captivating realm where gardeners from all walks of life come together to share their authentic gardening stories. Discover the vibrant and inspiring world of horticulture by becoming a part of our thriving gardening and small-scale farming community on Instagram. Join us in celebrating the beauty and passion that make gardening a way of life.

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Shop more than 1,100 varieties of tested and proven flower, herb, and vegetable seeds, plus an extensive selection of fruits, bulbs, live plants, and gardening supplies easily from our online mail order garden center and nursery. Park Seed’s seeds are guaranteed to germinate and include organic, heirloom, Whopper, and gourmet seed varieties that are always non-GMO. Mail order gardening makes it easy to shop, select, purchase, and receive your seed order direct to your door. Seeds ship within days of order receipt and live plants, bulbs, and roots ship at the ideal time for planting in your growing Zone. Since 1868, Park Seed has supported American gardeners and we’ll do the same for you. America's backyard gardeners have trusted Park Seed as their seed nursery for over 150 years, so shop seeds for sale online today!