Cascade Gold Raspberry

Cascade Gold Raspberry

Delectable Golden Berries -- Earlier than Ever!

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How we love these berries! Cascade Gold is the result of 20 years' trialling and testing by two universities as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and we think it was worth every minute! These large, early-maturing, juicy-tart yet sweet raspberries are pure gold in the garden and on the table.

Cascade Gold was developed in the Pacific Northwest, but has proven quite adaptable to a wide range of climates. It is an early main-season variety, setting fruit in midsummer in temperate areas. The fruit can be picked as soon as it turns yellow, or allowed to mature to full deep gold. Either way, it is large, firm-textured, and a perfect mix of tartness, juiciness, and sweetness.

Bred from the old favorite Malling Delight, Cascade Gold gives home gardeners a gourmet alternative to traditional red raspberries. The yields are often quite good, and the size and flavor of the berries are always superior, no matter what the production is like. This is a raspberry you can rely on! Highly recommended. Zones 4-8.