Corylopsis Aurea

Corylopsis 'Aurea'

Multi-colored Foliage and Yellow Blooms for Winter!

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Just when you think Japanese Maples have cornered the market on distinctive foliage, 'Aurea' bursts onto the scene in style! This petite ornamental shrub is a feast of features which gardeners of all stripes can enjoy. Cloaked in vibrant chartreuse to orange foliage most of the year, this shrub is most famous for its nodding clusters of small yellow flowers which open in the dead of winter to bathe the barren landscape in rich golden hues. Winter interest is a rare and wonderful thing, not only because it breaks the monotony of the season but because the flowers offer valuable nutrition to local pollinators. This shrub is pretty easy going and needs only occasional watering and minor pruning to stay lush and lovely year after year. If you are longing for some color in your bleak winter landscape 'Aurea' is the shrub you need!