Hosta Dancing Queen

Hosta 'Dancing Queen'

Keeps its Yellow Tones Right Through Summer!

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No need for flowers on this Hosta! Dancing Queen takes over the garden floor with its exquisitely formed, bright yellow leaves! Tall and wide, it's rippled and quilted foliage stands out in the shade like a lightning bug on a starless night.

The new leaves open bright gold in spring, turning a lighter shade as the season progresses. Long, pointed, and heavily rippled, they are held elegantly up and out from the center of the plant. With each passing year, they grow more intensely textured and beautifully substantial.

In midsummer, pale lavender blooms extend from the top on 28-inch stems, providing an extra dose of color. Just a bit player to the foliage, the flowers may be snipped and used as filler in the vase, or left on the plant to highlight the color contrast against the yellow leaves.

Dancing Queen reaches 1½feet high and about 2½ feet wide. Spectacular in the border, it is superb for woodland settings, and can grow in a large container. The natural centerpiece of any Hosta garden, Dancing Queen thrives in partial to full shade. Very hardy and long-lived, it belongs front and center in your shade garden display. Zones 3-9.