Pieris Katsura

Pieris Katsura

Evergreen and easy to grow, this little shrub adds elegant beauty to the border.

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Plant Patent#15,452.

The glorious combination of bright red spring foliage and slightly fragrant rose-colored blooms is irresistible on this eye-catching Japanese shrub! Evergreen, well-branched, and very floriferous, it is a colorful and unusually beautiful Andromeda, just right for use as a specimen or the standout of the sunny to partly shaded border.

'Katsura' begins each spring with long, lovely wine-red leaves among last season's greenery. These are soon joined by racemes of bell-shaped blooms of pale rose. The chains of color reach 3 to 5 inches long and last for many weeks, the flowers releasing a subtle candy-like sweet scent.

After the flowers pass, the foliage (now a dark green) remains through winter, making 'Katsura' a good choice for the foundation or other high-visibility spot. Best in acidic soil, it is quite tolerant of dry conditions, and doesn't mind clay or sandy soils. Give it the same conditions you give your Rhododendrons, Kalmias, and Camellias, and 'Katsura' will be quite happy.

'Katsura' was discovered growing near a Shinto temple in Japan, and has been notable for its remarkable heat tolerance as well as its splendid color and scent. You will love the interesting foliage and gorgeous flowers season after season! Highly recommended. Zones 5-7.