Mr. Goodbud Sedum

Mr. Goodbud Sedum

Sun-loving and drought tolerant!

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Arising in late summer by the hundreds, these tiny star-shaped blooms bear shades of pink and purple that will pop in your garden! These compact plants are adorned with fleshy, succulent foliage that keeps the plant dense, and not leggy. The stems are shorter, forming a nicely shaped mound that is perfect for containers and small spaces.

This sun-loving succulent is very heat and drought tolerant once established. To establish, simply water regularly for the first year, and from then on out, it's an extremely easy plant to care for. You just won't believe the amount of blooms that appear, especially without all the work from you! As the blooms open and mature, they turn from light pink to a deep mauve color, before eventually drying out to dead seedheads that birds will love!

Enjoy this beauty in your borders, beds and containers today, and the butterflies will too!