Tulip Totorri

Tulip 'Totorri'

Rich Play of Soft Colors!

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Lovely flower form and color are nothing new for the Tulip family, but 'Totorri' is a real standout because of the deep blue tint at the base of the blooms, the subtle mottled color of the leaves, and the rich garnet tones of the stems. 'Totorri' is beautiful from head to toe, making it a gorgeous specimen to feature in containers, raised beds, or accent plantings in prominent, sunny spots.

Named for the famous Japanese flower park, this lovely, compact Greiggii variety (Division XIV in the Tulip classification) will thrive in any well-drained garden spot or container. Site it in a sunny spot with a neutral pH (6-6.5) and excellent drainage. Compacted or heavy clay soils tend to hold standing water, so amend these with grit, compost, or soil conditioner. Cold is no problem, and 'Totorri' is rarely troubled by pests and diseases.

Plant 'Totorri' in the fall, about 8 inches deep. Dig the hole even deeper so that you can add some grit like kitty litter or crushed gravel. This grit will help you achieve the drainage that is vital for tulip beds, and will also deter pests like rodents, which love to eat the bulbs. Water the bulbs in after planting, to help them break out of dormancy, and as needed throughout the first season, but do not overwater, because Tulips favor dry conditions. Once established, they become drought tolerant. Pack of 10 bulbs. Zones 3 to 7.