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Aunt Mollys Ground Cherry Organic Seeds

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry Organic Seeds

Perfect for salads, jams, smoothies and more

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Days to Maturity: 75 to 90

This fun, bright orange heirloom variety is a classic that has been around since the 1800s. Grown originally by the Pennsylvania Dutch, it's a prized choice for baking and cooking. Aunt Molly's ground cherries make delectable jellies, jams and pies. The slightly citrusy tang is often described as a mix between brown sugar, vanilla and pineapple.

Ground cherries are trailing annuals that will grow across the ground, up trellises or hang from baskets. This tomato relative will make stunning edible containers on your back patio.

Ground cherries look like yellow tomatoes that are wrapped up in a papery husk. The ripe fruits will fall to the ground when ready. Keep the husks on the ground cherry to extend the shelf life, which is about one month when kept in the husk.

Use ground cherries in salads, baking recipes or smoothies. You can even dry them and eat them like raisins. The high pectin content makes these ground cherries ideal for jams and jellies.

Plants are tender trailing crops that thrive equally well when trailing along the ground or grown up a trellis. Plant in fertile, well drained soil. Don't allow the soil to become too dry between waterings.

Pkt of 50 seeds