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Bean Ring Set

Bean Ring Set

Quick, effective support for climbing plants

Item # 96565
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Don't wrestle with uncooperative cages or pesky twine to stake your beans and other climbing veggies and flowers—our Bean Ring Set gives you everything you need in one economical package.

Collection Includes:
2 collapsible bean rings
Twelve 5-foot bamboo stakes

It's the quickest, easiest, and most earth- and space-friendly way to construct a teepee we've ever used. You just push the ends of the stakes through the holes in the ring, then sink the teepee into the soil at just the diameter you want; it adjusts from very tall and narrow to shorter and broader. (Most folks seem to think about 2 feet is the perfect diameter.) Once they're in the Bean Ring, the bamboo stakes won't slide or slip, even in rough weather.

These bamboo stakes are all-natural and will last for many years. When they do eventually reach retirement age, just toss them onto the compost heap—they're completely bio-degradable, and will continue their service to the garden as soil-builders.

Once you assemble a teepee using the bean ring, there's no turning back—it's just that easy and secure. Such a pleasingly "low-tech" little contraption . . . but then, gardeners are known for being resourceful.