Caballero Hybrid Pepper Seeds

Caballero Hybrid Pepper Seeds

The Most Popular Poblano in the World!

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95 days from setting out transplants.

Caballero is the bestselling poblano pepper in the world, and one crop will show you why. For huge yields of large, glossy, uniform, deliciously mild peppers, rely on this trusted favorite!

Caballero (the name means "gentleman") sets generous numbers of big, glossy peppers with wide shoulders and a sharply tapering shape, terminating in a point. Up to 6 inches long and 3 inches wide (at the shoulder), this thick-walled pepper is perfect for stuffing, and is the classic chile relleno ingredient.

Caballero turns from bright green to red on the plant (though it may be picked green if desired), and as it ripens, it increases in richness of flavor, nutrition, and heat. A relatively mild pepper with 1000 to 2000 scoville units (Habanero peppers, for instance, clock in at 215,000 scovilles!), it is versatile in its uses. When you've eaten all the fresh Caballero peppers you want, dry the remainder to create ancho peppers, crush them into spice, freeze them, or can them!

Caballero is prized for its uniformity and dependably large yields, but it's the flavor that will bring you back to this poblano again and again. Begin a tradition this year -- grow the very best for your pepper garden! Pkt is 20 seeds.

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