Collapsible Kangaroo Garden Container

Collapsible Kangaroo Garden Container

Stands Up without Help!

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Kangaroo is the garden bag of the future. It stays upright and open while you work, freeing your hands for raking leaves, pruning plants, spreading mulch -- whatever today in the garden brings! Then, when it's empty, it swirls flat, forming a 3-inch circle you can hang or stack in almost no space in the shed!

Constructed of super-durable, lightweight polyvinyl, the Kangaroo is as tall as it is wide, so you don't have to deal with a small "mouth" top opening. It's perfect for carrying around in the wheelbarrow and popping open anytime you run across a chore that needs doing.

Mildew-resistant and strong enough to resist punctures and tears, the Kangaroo will last for many, many seasons of tough garden chores! You'll wonder why you ever bothered with anything else!

30-gallon Collapsible Kangaroo is 22 inches high and wide

10-gallon Collapsible Kangaroo is 16 inches high and wide