Complete Self-Watering Grow Light Garden

Complete Self-Watering Grow Light Garden

Adjustable Hood with Full-spectrum Plant Lights!

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The handiest and most efficient seed starter and self-watering tray we have used, this nifty countertop model combines a deep reservoir with wicking action, versatile sowing trays (which can be removed for placement of larger pots or houseplants right onto the stand), and an adjustable hood that floods the area with full-spectrum grow lights. Convenient, easy to use, and so versatile!

You can start seeds, grow baby greens or salads, train up seedlings and young plants, and overwinter houseplants in the Complete Self-watering Grow Light Garden. The base is a deep reservoir for water. In this reservoir is a stand, which you cover with a special wicking cloth (all of this is included, right down to the light bulbs!). The cloth draws up water at just the rate your plants' roots need it, so they never sit in moisture, yet they don't dry out, either. Go ahead -- fearlessly leave on vacation without worrying about what's going to happen to your seeds, seedlings, and houseplants!

The stand has enough space for the 4 seed-starting trays included with this garden kit, but they don't have to be used -- the choice is yours. Each contains 12 drainage holes and distinct growing areas, but they are undivided, so you can put 12 little peat plugs into the spaces or simply fill the whole area with grow mix and sow seeds in rows. Or you can dispense with the trays altogether in favor of your own pots or seed flats. As long as there are drainage holes in the base to take up the wicking water, you're all set.

Above the stand and the seed trays is a curved, reflective hood containing two SunBlaster 6400 Kelvin T5H0 fluorescent light tubes. These are the wide-spectrum light bulbs that growing plants need, and they use 20% less energy than traditional bulbs. The curved design of the hood floods the entire growing area with full-spectrum light, giving your seedlings and plants the best possible exposure. And most importantly, the hood is adjustable, so when your seedlings emerge, you can lower it to just a few inches above the young shoots. They'll grow like crazy!

The lights plug into any standard outlet, and the entire unit is pretty compact: 24 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 17 inches tall. The plastic components are all 100% recycled, and everything is endlessly reusable. The Complete Self-watering Grow Light Garden comes with complete instructions, and assembles easily in less than 30 minutes. Not bad for a lifetime of heavy use! You're going to love this indoor garden and wonder how you ever got by without it!