Diva Cucumber Seeds

Heavy-yielding plants resist just about every pest and disease

Item # 05516-PK-P1
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Genus Cucumis
Species sativus
Variety Diva
Item Form (P) Pkt of 30 seeds
Days to Maturity 58
Fruit Color Green
Habit Vining
Seeds Per Pack 30
Plant Height 5 ft - 6 ft
Plant Width 12 in - 24 in
Additional Characteristics Award Winner, Direct Sow, Edible
Light Requirements Full Sun
Moisture Requirements Moist,  well-drained
Resistance Angular Leaf Spot, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Scab
Soil Tolerance Normal,  loamy
Uses Cuisine, Outdoor

Review Summary
(Based on 7 Reviews)

4.5 star rating
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0


5 star rating
Nice cucumbers, great taste
Susie from NJ wrote on September 04, 2019

These cucumbers are very prolific, plus the flavor is excellent. Germination was pretty much 100%. All the flowers are female so you get dozens of cukes per plant. I even let one over-ripen by accident and the plant is still producing.

4 star rating
A good cucumber
Eleanor T from UT wrote on May 16, 2019

I grew Diva last year and it did very well. It was vigorous, generous in its yield, and the flavor was good. I did a lazy trellis (cage with strings to climb on up the center) and it produced right up until I was tired of the garden (October in central Utah). While the flavor was good, I found that I liked the flavor of Sweet Slice and Sir Crunch-a-lot better. They also grew really well. The one thing I did like better about Diva is that it was nearly spineless.

5 star rating
Best Cuke I've ever planted
Simon Ballenot from MO wrote on June 17, 2018

I had great germination and they are just coming in now. ( June 15 2018 St.Louis area weather wize). They are unbelievable good tasting with a very thin skin so no peeling is necessary unless you want it. Heavy producers, after only one week of setting in I'm in undated with cukes. Could not be happier with any variety!

3 star rating
Great cucumber but they couldn't stand up to Cumber Beetles.
Gail from TN wrote on July 01, 2017

I wanted a cucumber that would stand up to diseases and be prolific, they said that the Diva was strong and resists just about every pest and disease! NOT SO!!! Initially, Diva was really performing well and I was quite impressed. Caveat-Cucumber Beetles paid a visit and I lost all but 2 plants and I had 11. The two plants that survived did so because I immediately placed them under netting; they were growing in a large planter with a trellis situated in the middle they were all at the stage of producing cucumbers. I had 3 in a large planter and I lost one of them. I took many measures to make sure that all of my plants survived the onslaught of beetles by treating the plants with Neem oil and Dead bug with Spinosad weekly, I also made traps to catch them. Everything I did worked as a deterrent, but it only takes a little cucumber beetle just a few minutes of feeding to transfer Cucumber Bacterial Wilt to your cucumbers. Will I purchase these again? Sure, they are very good and the cucumber size was uniform and very easy to grow. Speaking of growing, they will always be grown under netting which gives me the ability to control their growing environment. Thank goodness it was early in the season and I could replant a variety that is Bacterial Wilt resistant (County Fair Improved Hybrid) along with Diva(under cover). I give it a 3, I assumed when I did my research that they would be resistant to Bacterial Wilt as well. The fact that they weren't should have been mentioned in their description.

4 star rating
Would be my favorite cuke if ...
MNRon from MN wrote on September 26, 2014

... they were more reliable. I've tried a lot of cuke varieties since my old favorite "Whopper" ceased to be available. Both this year and last year I planted Garden Sweet Burpless (GSB) and Diva. Both are fine and I'll continue to plant both. Diva has a slightly better taste (5 stars!). However, this year (not last) the Diva seeds had very low germination, and half of those that germinated were stunted. Then the remaining plants died back well before the adjacent GSB plants, so the Diva production was far less than from a similar number of GSB seeds. GSB seem more reliable and disease resistant that Diva, and taste almost as great. I'll plant Diva for the great taste and GSB for the high and reliable production.

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