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Easy Sprout™

Easy Sprout™

Works with all sprouting seeds

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If you've ever grown sprouts using a sprouter other than Easy Sprout™, you know how irritating they can be. They are difficult to clean. The drainage is less than ideal. They are cumbersome. The list goes on . . . which is why somebody put on a thinking cap and came up with this delightfully easy, effective, economical sprouter.

The design of Easy Sprout™ is simple. An inner chamber holds the seeds. An outer chamber holds the water. Filters and lids do the rest. When it's time to refill the water chamber, the inner compartment lifts easily out. The sprouts grow upwards toward the opening of the compartment, so they're simple to lift out. Then the whole thing can be easily washed clean and refilled. No mess, no muck, no wasted seeds.

Use Easy Sprout™ for all your sprouting seeds, from good old Mung Bean (the original "bean sprout" that introduced so many of us to this nutritious way of eating) to exotic new radish mixes so crammed with vitamins, minerals, and even protein you feel like you're getting a day's nutrition in every crunchy, peppery bite. Makes a great stocking stuffer for friends and loved ones, too.