Citrus Eureka Lemon

Citrus 'Eureka' Lemon

Grow Lemons in the Living Room!

When life gives you lemons, rejoice! Eureka is a dwarf lemon with very big yields of ultra-acidic, golden-yellow fruit packed with flavorful juice. It sets white blooms (terrifically fragrant) in spring and summer, with the fruit ripening year-round among handsome, glossy evergreen leaves. As an ornamental fruit for your best container, it cannot be beat!

Eureka is among the least cold-hardy of lemon varieties, thriving only in the subtropical climates of zones 9 and 10 in this country. However, this makes it far more suited to indoor growth than many others. It likes temperate weather with plenty of sunshine, so find a bright window or skylight and grow it year-round indoors. Or, if you have a spot in the sun, bring it outdoors during the warmer months and enjoy it on the deck, balcony, patio, or porch as well as the garden. Grown in the right conditions, this stellar citrus can produce lemons all year round!

With a spreading, well-branched but not ultra-dense habit, Eureka can reach 10 to 20 feet high and wide, though container growth is more likely to be 8 to 12 feet. It begins fruiting at quite a young age, its lemons boasting a thick, soft skin, few seeds, and a high amount of juice. For that old-fashioned real lemon tang, you can't improve on Eureka!

The stems of this dwarf tree are nearly thornless, and the new spring foliage unfolds in bright shades of bronze and purple before quickly turning dark green. As ornamental as it is useful, Eureka is a must-have for the sunny window! Zones 9-10.

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