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Geisha Garlic Chives Seeds

Geisha Garlic Chives Seeds

Award-winning Flavor and Charm!

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An absolute must-have for the well-dressed herb garden or container display, Geisha is a garlic chives with larger and more delicious foliage, topped by beautiful white blooms that bring butterflies into the late-summer garden. Reluctant to flower, it offers a longer-than-ever season of harvest, and ends with a flourish so beautiful you'll thank your lucky stars this plant is a perennial!

Geisha is a long, slender, elegant garlic chives, its hollow stems wider and flatter than others. The flavor is "more refined," according to the All-America Selection judges who awarded Geisha top honors in 2015. We find the flavor truly evocative; not harshly garlicky, but highly aromatic and delicately but robustly flavored. There IS something gourmet about it; we see why the judges chose the word "refined" to describe it!

Like all garlic chives, Geisha is a perennial, so the seed you start this winter or early spring will produce plants to be enjoyed for many seasons to come. A member of the Allium family, Geisha is aromatic as well as easy and quick to grow in full sun. It's great for containers, makes the perfect edging for the border because it keeps pests away from the more delicate flowering plants within, and is a stand-alone beauty all by itself as well as in large plantings. You just can't find too many great places to site this beauty!

Reaching 12 to 15 inches high and spreading about 8 to 10 inches wide, Geisha grows quickly and is meant for cut-and-come enjoyment all season. Snip just what you need of the foliage, and the plant will regrow promptly. It buds and blooms quite late (extending your season), but you'll scarcely miss the chives when you see the butterflies flocking to these pure-white flowers. Get the camera ready!

Chives are perfect for almost any savory dish, and you can even use the flowers as edible garnish. Cut the stems at the base or just snip the bit you need from the top, keeping the plant looking fresh and trimmed all season. So versatile, so easy!

Direct-sow the seeds anytime from spring through summer, placing several seeds together in the planting hole. The slender green shoots will appear within a few weeks. Don't forget to plant a few around your roses -- garlic chives are a rose's best friend for keeping pests at bay! Zones 3-9. Pkt is 100 seeds.

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Grows readily, very hardy, very tasty
sj.gagli from PA wrote on August 09, 2018

I'm on my second year with these plants that I had started from seed. They've done will in full sun, and regular watering. The scapes and leaves are delicious, and just as Parks has described them here. I am however disappointed that the bulbs of these plants are not larger. I will grow for a third year, with some more spacing to see if maybe I can get cloves out of them. Otherwise, great value for any chef.