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Mushroom Golden Oyster Countertop Kit

Mushroom Golden Oyster Countertop Kit

Gourmet Golden Oyster Mushrooms—Grown Indoors

Item # 31022
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These mushrooms are Certified Organic, GLOBAL G.A.P, USDA Organic, Certified South Carolina, and Certified Appalachian Grown™ products.

Now a fresh crop of gourmet Golden Oyster mushrooms can be yours - and it's so easy. This mushroom kit comes with the growing medium (wheat straw) which is inoculated with mushroom spawn and all you'll need is to keep the spawn moist and in no time at all little mushrooms will begin springing up. You don't need to have a green thumb to grow these wonderful mushrooms, but they'll taste like they came from a master garden. The growing season runs from May to September and the first crop should come up in just 3-4 weeks. Be sure to keep the spawn between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, comfortable room temperature works just fine.

Note: If you can't start growing right away, the spawn may be refrigerated for up to 1 month, but don't let it freeze.

This item is available to ship May through September only. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your kit to be custom-made for you.