Ground Cover Perennials

Tackle weeds, erosion, and barren spots with cool colors and tantalizing textures

Ground cover perennials provide maximum coverage with minimal maintenance. Ground covers are excellent problem solvers in the garden. Tough, low growing, and at times, mat-forming, they can choke out weeds, control erosion on slopes, fill in areas where grass just won’t grow, and protect the roots of neighboring plants from summer’s heat and winter’s cold. But ground cover perennials are as beautiful as they are functional. So, they not only problem solve but also look stunning while doing it, year after year.

Park Seed has a large selection of ground covers, for sun or shade, for moist or dry locations. So, whether you are looking for a solution to a problem or just want to add a textural and colorful carpet to your garden, you’ll be sure to find just the right ground cover for you.