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Jump-start Windowsill Heat Mat - 20 inch x 3 inch

Jump-start Windowsill Heat Mat - 20 inch x 3 inch

Start the garden even in cold winter rooms

Item # 39148
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The name of this heat mat is perfect, because it really does jump-start your whole garden when used indoors in winter to start seeds, grow on seedlings, or keep tender and tropical plants warm and toasty. By heating only the soil, this windowsill heat mat stimulates root growth. And it costs a tiny fraction of what you would spend to heat the whole room.

Jump-start Windowsill Heat Mat measures 3 inches deep by 20 inches wide, making it perfect for windowsills, countertops, and any other narrow space where you want to get your seeds started. You'll be amazed how many seedlings you can fit into very little space with this mat.

Plugging into any ordinary household outlet, the heat mat is safe and only warm, never hot. It won't burn paint or discolor finish, and it releases no odor. You can keep it plugged in continuously for safe, effective warmth during those late-winter weeks when you are getting the new garden started for spring transplant.

Jump-start Windowsill Heat Mat raises soil temperature 10 to 20 degrees above room temperature, which is plenty to start all but the hottest-natured tropical seeds. It's a good temperature for growing on seedlings, and it will take the chill out of the soil for all the tender plants you are overwintering. What an economical, efficient way to grow indoors, no matter what the weather outdoors is doing.