Large Yellow Sticky Insect Traps (set of 3 holders, 9 strips)

Large Yellow Sticky Insect Traps (set of 3 holders, 9 strips)

Conquers aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, leafminers, carrot rust flies, moths, thrips, and more!

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The natural, low-tech, economical alternative to sprays and harmful chemicals, Yellow Sticky Traps are the pest repellent we use here at the Park greenhouses to keep nibbling insects away from the plants. They are effective, entirely safe, and simple to use!

Many insects that prey on plants are attracted to the color yellow, so these tags are bright yellow, with adhesive all over both sides. Just slip a tag into the 11-inch wire stake, put the stake in the soil beside the plant you want to protect, and watch the insects flock to their doom! These tags are effective against the following pests:


fungus gnats



carrot rust flies

gypsy moths


. . . and many more!

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of yellow sticky traps -- we find them foolproof and very economical. And there's no odor, no potential for noxious chemicals in the air, soil, or water, and no muss! Economical, too!

These tags are 3-by-5 inches, and come in sets of 9. Along with them you get 3 11-inch wire stakes, endlessly reusable. If you want smaller tags for houseplants and other containers, take a look the smaller size. Or get a selection of both sizes with our money-saving collection. Try them for a season and see what a difference it makes to the health and good looks of your indoor or outdoor garden! Set of 9 sticky tags and 3 wire stakes.

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Tells you how big your problem is
elsie from IA wrote on March 05, 2013

I like the traps because they tell you how big an infestation you have. They are not a cure, but are helpful when trying to eliminate small flying critters. The drawback is they also catch non-target good critters, so use inside for houseplants