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Nettys Pride Asiatic Lily - pack of 3

Netty's Pride Asiatic Lily - pack of 3

Elegant Night-and-Day Color!

Pack of 3
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Ready for a black-tie affair, this elegant and stylish Asiatic lily wows in the border and slays in the vase! An unusual variety that sets its blooms in many different ways (it's as if the flowers are all looking in different directions!), Netty's Pride will soon be yours -- and you will love it!

The flowers reach 4½ to 5 inches wide, with a lime-green throat, creamy white petals, and dramatic dark maroon brushstrokes that can appear nearly black in the sun! They arise by the dozen on a mature plant, some dangling downwards, others looking straight out, and still others uptilted to face the sky. This gives Netty's Pride an animated sort of look that is very appealing and distinctive from anything else in the sunny border.

The blooms begin in late spring in most climates, but really come into their own in early and midsummer. You can detect a light fragrance, especially when the flowers are cut for indoor arrangements and kept in a closed room, but they are by and large unscented, which is a huge boon for those of us who do not like the heavy musk of Oriental lilies. Fortunately, the bees and butterflies do not have sensitive noses, and flock to Netty's Pride just as they would a heavily scented variety!

This plant grows upright, reaching 25 to 36 inches high and 10 to 18 inches wide within just a few years. Like most lilies, it continues to grow tall and wide as it matures, adding more buds every year. Find a place where it is happy, and Netty's Pride will naturalize beautifully in your garden!

Although this Asiatic lily is hardy in zones 3-9, it tends to suffer in extremely hot summer climates. Therefore, if you live in the south or southwest, consider giving it some afternoon shade. This will result in less stress, more flowers, and a longer season every year.

Find a place with well-drained soil for Netty's Pride, and pamper this plant the first year. Once it is established, you will find it very tolerant of drought, heat, and humidity, and of course it loves (and needs) cold winters. Such a pleasure in the border! Zones 3-9. Pack of 3 bulbs. To ensure the continued life of these bulbs in cooler zones (3-7) dig up the bulbs and store them through winter then replant them the following spring.