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Maverick™ Scarlet Geranium Seeds

Maverick™ Scarlet Geranium Seeds

Terrific heat tolerance and nonstop bloom power

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Oh, how we love the Mavericks. They are a southern gardener's salvation, thriving even in the sopping-wet humidity and searing heat of our summers. Other container plants look wilted even the same day you water them, but never Maverick. It's compact, well-branched, large-flowered, and thoroughly agreeable to weather extremes. We wouldn't want anything less for our terracotta pots and white window boxes.

Maverick is a very compact plant, reaching just 14 to 16 inches high (in full bloom) and nearly as wide. The foliage is large, softly lobed and creased, and bright green. It forms bushy rosettes beneath the flowering stems, which hold their giant spheres of blooms several inches above the rest of the plant.

And such blooms they are. Scarlet is a dark shade of red with a hint of orange, infused with rich color that stands out perfectly in the garden. The flowerheads are beautifully rounded and quite large, attracting attention wherever they appear. And they keep coming from the first whiff of hot June weather until the Halloween decorations go up.

Maverick is an annual geranium, which is to say not a true geranium at all, but a pelargonium, known by some gardeners as cranesbills. If you live in a frost-free climate, though, you can probably overwinter them successfully. If you don't, bring your favorites in for winter and put them in a bright window. They'll live for years with this kind of treatment. (They're also easy to propagate. Pick up some rooting hormone at the nursery and dip the cut stems of a mature Maverick into it, then plant them in a Whopper Bio Dome or small pot. They'll root like nobody's business.)

Geraniums are the essence of summer for many of us gardeners. Their very scent—a sort of garden-y aroma, not a floral but somewhat peppery and earthy—signals the arrival of summer. Nothing is more cheerful in pots marching up the porch steps or in window boxes leaning out over the garden. And they are a terrific bedding plant for full sun or light shade.

If you like Maverick Scarlet (and how could you not), we also offer orange, as well as the formula mix of all the Maverick colors. Try them all, choose your favorites, and enjoy the bliss of growing annuals that love the hot summer weather as much as you do.

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Surprisingly Successful
Sandra Tindall from WA wrote on April 28, 2020

I have had close to 100% rate of germination. This was the first experience I have had with growing geraniums (pelargoniums), and I am inspired to continue with this one. I have yet to discover a way to overwinter geraniums here in Washington State. I believe that I may bring them into the house this winter because the garage is unheated, and there is no space for them there. I am thinking that they will need to remain dormant for the winter if I am to see them bloom nicely next summer.

Maverick geranium
Penny J Mckeever from VA wrote on March 09, 2020

Planted these seeds indoors with a heat mat and grow light. Within 3 days all but one sprouted. On the 5th day i had 100% germination. Very happy

Maverick scarlet are stunning red geraniums
Mary Bowles from CA wrote on March 17, 2019

I've grown these gorgeous flowers twice in terra cotta pots. They are so worth waiting for to say the least. You will love these flowers. However, you may need to treat for catapillars, (sp) who love to eat the leaves. It's worth the trouble, as they are spectacular & will give much pleasure!