Grape Gumball Bee Balm

Grape Gumball Bee Balm

Compact and Brilliantly Colored!

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Royal purple flowers dance over the dark green foliage of this deer- and powdery mildew-resistant Bee Balm. Perfect for patio containers and the middle of your sunny borders, Grape Gumball is compact yet so free-flowering!

Blooming in midsummer, this perennial creates a showstopping display of color and scent. The aroma comes not from the flowers, as you might expect, but from the leaves, which release a heavenly mint scent! Wow -- could this perennial get any better at all? We don't think so!

Give Grape Gumball well-drained soil and plenty of water. Pamper it with organics the first season, then watch how carefree it becomes!