Sugar Buzz® Grape Gumball Bee Balm

Sugar Buzz® 'Grape Gumball' Bee Balm

Compact and Brilliantly Colored!

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Where do thirsty pollinators go when their reserves get low? Plant 'Grape Gumball' and they will go straight to your garden! Royal purple flowers dance over the dark green foliage of this deer- and powdery mildew-resistant Bee Balm. Besides being a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies, this astonishing perennial draws human eyes as well. Its petite yet vibrant blooms form a seamless layer of deep purple that nearly eclipses its dark green foliage. Perfect for patio containers and the middle of your sunny borders, 'Grape Gumball' is compact yet so free-flowering!

Blooming in midsummer, this perennial creates a showstopping display of color and scent. The aroma comes not from the flowers, as you might expect, but from the leaves, which release a heavenly mint scent! Wow -- could this perennial get any better at all? We don't think so!

Give 'Grape Gumball' well-drained soil and plenty of water. Pamper it with organics the first season, then watch how carefree it becomes!