Parks Pattypan Hybrid Blend Squash Seeds

Park's Pattypan Hybrid Blend Squash Seeds

All the Best "Flying Saucers"!

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45 to 49 days from direct-sowing.

If you love pattypan (scallop) squash, the five varieties in this scrumptious mix are certain to delight! From ghostly white to glowing yellow to dark green -- with striped and speckled types thrown in! -- our blend delivers delicious summer squash for use as baby veggies, for steaming and sauteing, and even for stuffing.

Effortless to grow and ready in no time, this mix will be the workhorse of your summer garden! Harvest the squash young as baby veggies, or let it mature -- pattypans grow quickly and offer fresh, nutritious flavor plus a very fun shape.

In this mix you get 5 varieties. Here's more about each one:

Moonbeam - 45 days. A bright white rind conceals pale green flesh. Best picked at 3 inches in diameter, the delicious fruit arises in huge numbers on this semi-bush plant.

Sunbeam - 47 days. Brilliant golden skin and fine-grained flesh with an unusually nutty, rich flavor. Big yields on plants that resist powdery mildew.

Lunar Eclipse - 45 days. Pale green rind with white flesh. These baby fruits are succulent and delicious.

Partial Eclipse -51 days. Green stripes and freckles don't develop until these pattypans are about 4 inches in diameter, so they may be solid white if picked for baby squash. Good yields on open-habit bush plants.

Total Eclipse - 49 days. Midnight green with pale, fine-grained flesh. Huge yields on open-habit bush plants that harvest easily.

Summer squash ripens during the hot summer months and, thin-skinned, is best eaten fresh. Sow seeds 1 inch deep directly into the garden after the danger of frost is past. Thin the seedlings to 24 inches apart, or plant several seeds in hills 4 feet apart and then thin to 2 plants per hill. (For even earlier harvests, start seeds indoors.) Pick when the fruits are still small. Pkt is 30 seeds.