Parks Seed Starting Trays & Inserts

Park's Seed Starting Trays & Inserts

Each seedling is ready to transplant with its own fat root ball -- no flimsy sprouts or tangled roots to worry about!

Bottom Trays (4)
Item # 96376
Available to ship.
Humidity Domes (4)
Item # 96375
Available to begin shipping on Feb 20, 2019.
36-cell (4 Inserts)
Item # 96377
Available to ship.
48-cell (4 Inserts)
Item # 96378
Available to ship.
72-cell (4 Inserts)
Item # 96379
Available to ship.

If you want to start big, healthy, well-branched seedlings with good root systems, rely on Park's Seed-Starting Trays and Inserts! They are economical and reusable, and are relied upon by professional growers for premium-quality plants.

Made of black poly-plastic, each cell offers good drainage and plenty of room to grow. Use them to germinate seeds, or transplant seedlings from seed flats into them to grow on before setting out into the garden.

Each insert (which breaks into multiple 6-cell packs) fits perfectly into our bottom tray, which acts as a water catcher and carrying unit. Trays can hold 6 36-cell, 8 48-cell, or 12 72-cell inserts. Bottom trays, humidity domes, and inserts are all sold in packs of 4 -- mix and match all you like for the best possible start for your garden! Reusable for several seasons.

Item # Item (Set of 4) Description Cell Size
96377 36-Cell Inserts 4 sets of inserts; each insert has six 6-cell packs 2.25" x 2.25"
96378 48-Cell Inserts 4 sets of inserts; each insert has eight 6-cell packs 1.5" x 2.25"
96375 72-Cell Inserts 4 sets of inserts; each insert has twelve 6-cell packs 1.5" x 1.5"