Daffodil Parks Top of the Line Mix

Daffodil Park's Top of the Line Mix

Pack of 10 bulbs!

Pack of 10
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Park's Top-of-the-Line Daffodil Mix is an eclectic blend of gorgeous blooms that come together in an almost magical way. Fifteen or more different daffodil types are packed in this flamboyant mixture of bright white, deep gold, lemon yellow, light melon and rich orange. Some blooms have soft petals arcing outward, others have frilly cups and still others have deeply ruffled petals, all in a variety of sizes.

Park's Top-of-the-Line Daffodils start blossoming in early spring and have different bloom times, which makes for an extended flowering season. Some bloom early season, and other bloom mid and late season.

The daffodils in this mix are low maintenance, grow rapidly and exhibit great vigor and longevity. These blooms grow to a height of 12 to 18 inches and thrive in full sunlight. They grow well in normal or loamy soil as long as it is well-drained. Deer find this plant unappealing, which is a benefit when naturalizing a wooded area or natural environment with these bright blossoms.