Penngift Crownvetch Flower Seeds

Penngift Crownvetch Flower Seeds

Great for bare slopes and banks!

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Crownvetch is one of the easiest, fastest, and most beautiful ways to cover bare ground. You may have seen it blooming along the side or center divider of highways, particularly on steep banks or slopes. A superb way to prevent soil erosion, choke out weeds, and beautify the landscape with minimal effort, it's a reliable performer, and Penngift is one of the most high-performing varieties.

Penngift quickly increases by sending out shoots above and below ground, producing neat, billowy green foliage, no higher than 20 inches, and masses of shell-pink blooms from June until frost.

The flowers arise in almost uncountable numbers, clustered in crown-shaped posies atop the spring-green foliage. Each bloom is just 1/2 inch across, but even a small planting creates nearly a solid carpet of undulating pink all summer long! 25 plants will cover 100 square feet of ground, and they are totally maintenance-free!

Sow in sunny ground. If extra-quick coverage is needed, try combining 1 pound of Crownvetch seed with 1 pound of annual ryegrass seed; this mixture will cover 1,000 square feet. Fertilize with a low nitrogen mixture such as 5-10-10. Pkt is 1,000 seeds.