Plant Support Hoops

Plant Support Hoops

Stake Plants Quickly and Easily!

Item # 06019-PK-3
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Some plants need a little help staying upright as they get started in the garden -- and others want to flop all the time, but look much better with a tighter, reined-in habit! For these, our Plant Support Hoops were invented!

Just set these 3/16-inch-thick hoops -- made from recycled galvanized steel -- over the young plants, and their stems will grow up through the center opening. Nearly invisible in the garden, they even store easily -- the 2-foot-tall legs fold up for storage!

These plant support rings reach 19 inches in diameter, bisected by a T for added strength. Truly a lifetime garden accessory, it is ideal for holding up heavy flowers such as dahlias, peonies, double coneflowers, and many more! It's also useful for floppy foliage, from sprawling daylilies to bulbs of all kinds, which tend to flop as they mature (but need to remain in the garden until they turn brown).

Plant Support Hoops are a lifesaver in the perennial border, annual bed, bulb garden, and more. You will always wish you had just a few more, so save time and order an extra set today! Set of 3.