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Spring Shipping Schedule and Zone Opening Earliest Ship Dates

Note: At Park Seed, we are committed to shipping healthy live plants at the ideal planting time for your Zone. In order to ensure our plants are shipped at the optimal conditions, we regularly adjust our shipping timeframes as needed. The below table reflects our current estimate of timing for rose, live plant and bulb shipping this season.

Zone Bare root Roses Container Roses Plants & Bulbs Sweet Potato & Avocado Citrus Blooming Blocks
1-3 Mid May Mid May Mid May Late May-Mid Jun Early-Mid May Early-Mid May
4-5 Early-Mid Apr Late Apr-Early May Late Apr-Early May Mid-Late May Late Apr-Early May Early-Mid May
6 Mid-Late Mar Mid-Late Apr Mid-Late Apr Early-Mid May Early-Mid Apr Early-Mid May
7 Early-Mid Mar Mid-Late Apr Early-Mid Apr Late Apr-Mid May Early-Mid Apr Early-Mid May
8 Mid-Late Feb Mid-Late Apr Late Mar-Early Apr Mid-Late Apr Early-Mid Apr Early-Mid May
9-13* Late Jan-Mid Feb Mid-Late Apr Late Mar-Early Apr Mid-Late Apr Early-Mid Apr Early-Mid May

Fall Shipping Schedule and Zone Opening Dates
Shipping For Earliest Ship Dates
Zones 1-6 Most products begin shipping mid-September
Zones 7-13 Most products begin shipping late September
Peony Begins shipping early October to all zones
*For Zones 9-13, some bareroot roses may ship as early as January 18th.

Shipping windows listed above are the projected timeframes orders will leave our facility based on product availability, weather, and other factors. To protect and maintain the quality of your items, we may alter the above ship dates to provide the best product quality upon arrival. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a shipment tracking number for your order. To ensure you receive the best quality roses and plants, we cannot hold orders or delay delivery once the order is prepared for shipment.

Please note that if your order contains multiple items, we aim to ship your full order in one shipment. If your order contains multiple items, it will ship once all items are available to ship to your Zone. In certain circumstances, you may receive your order across multiple shipments.

Accessories and hard goods will be processed, packed and shipped promptly.

  • Actual ship dates vary with weather conditions including temperatures, in your area and ours.
  • Some products may be shipped separately due to timing or special handling requirements.
  • Allow 2-5 business days for processing prior to shipment.
This is a graphical representation of the USDA Hardiness Zones. This gives you a good idea of the Zones within your region, your neighboring states, and across the country.

Enter your 5-digit US Postal Zip Code into this pop-up box, then refer to our for Zone specific shipping details below.
USDA Zone Hardiness Map
To ensure your plants thrive, we ship at the perfect time for planting in your region, based on your Planting Zone.