Pole Bean Growing Tower

Pole Bean Growing Tower

Just sink this galvanized tower into the ground and start growing!

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Great for pole beans, annual vines, or any twining plant, this sturdy, long-lasting galvanized tower is the easiest and most space-saving method we know to show off lots of vegetation in very little space!

Simply sink the stake at the bottom of the tower into the ground, string the cotton cord (included) from the top to the bottom loops, and plant! You can grow 12 or more pole beans in less than 5 square feet, or design a striking Tower of Flowers with one or more varieties of vine twining up the sides and overflowing with blooms at the top of this 5-foot structure! At the end of the season, just snip the cord and toss it, along with the vines, onto the compost heap -- it's completely biodegradable!

The Bean Tower comes with 70 feet of cord to get you started. It's that easy!