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Brise dAnjou™ Jacobs Ladder

Brise d'Anjou™ Jacob's Ladder

Handsome Foliage and Brilliant Blooms!

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Often grown as a foliage plant but beautiful in early summer with its showy blooms too, Brise d'Anjou is a shade lover that will meander among neighboring plants, filling in empty space but not competing with others. Such a colorful pleasure in the border!

This Jacob's Ladder was discovered by chance in a French nursery, and immediately became the Polemonium of choice, thanks to its lovely gold-edged leaves and abundant blue blooms in early summer. But its real merit may be its vigor, for this variety simply holds up better than most others, and can tolerate a good deal of neglect without suffering.

Low-growing and offering an interesting ladder-like spreading habit, Brise d'Anjou is a groundcover extraordinaire, and makes a great choice for the front of the foundation, border, and even street island. It does need partial shade, so make sure it receives only dappled sunlight or relief from the hot afternoon glare.

The flowers appear in early summer in most climates, and will last for many weeks. Add this charmer to your landscape this season and discover what a lovely contrast it creates to all nearby plants in the shade garden!