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Poppy Amazing Grey Seeds

Poppy Amazing Grey Seeds

Unique garden color

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
Item # 52357-PK-P1
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A showstopping sight in the annual garden Amazing Grey is an unexpected beauty in the landscape. These poppy's boast delicate lavender grey tissue paper petals that are often colored in mixed shades of storm cloud grey to slate blue and sometimes even a red blush. Some flowers even have a white edge and they're all nestled against thick, fern like lace shaped green foliage. The single and ruffled half double poppies create impressive mass of what looks like grey clouds in the garden, but every of these clouds has a silver lining. You won't be the only one who loves these unique blooms, it'll bring the pollinators to your garden in droves.

For starting your seeds inside: Sow in pots 6-8 weeks before last frost; cover with humidity dome to retain moisture while seeds germinate. Keep at 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Be very gentle when transplanting, as poppies do not like to be disturbed.

For starting your seeds outdoors: direct sow 4 weeks before last spring frost or in late autumn (Autumn only in Zones 8+). Mix seed with fine sand to scatter thinly over prepared soil to avoid overcrowding.

Poppies are a must in the cottage garden. They are great for back borders or along a fence, but will be just lovely almost anywhere with full sun and rich, moist, well drained soil! Add these beautiful, unique blooms to your garden this season.