Roma II Bean Seeds

Roma II Bean Seeds

Heavy Yields over a Long Season!

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
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59 days from direct-sowing.

Gourmet Romano beans can be difficult to find for the garden, which is why we love Roma II so much. This dependable favorite not only sets a delicious crop, it's also generous. The beans mature early, and then the plant keeps setting new pods, so you wind up with a much longer season than with other types. You're going to love this heavy producer!

Roma II's 5½-inch pods are fleshy, tender, and dark green, bursting with flavor and nutrition! An Italian type, it is a gourmet choice, although you'd never know it from the huge yields! If you are a canner, Roma II is the one bush bean you've GOT to try this season!

Very easy to grow, even for the beginning gardener, this bean should be direct-sown into the garden after all danger of frost. For best harvest, plant successively every 3 weeks or so, ceasing in late spring or early summer and resuming in late summer, after the worst heat is past, for a late fall crop.

Roma II is a legume, so the plant should be chopped up and plowed back into the soil after all the beans have been harvested. Legumes are nitrogen fixers in the soil, and your crops next year will be even better, thanks to these soil builders!

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