Ruby Falls Redbud

Ruby Falls Redbud

A Purple-leafed Weeping Dwarf Redbud!

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Has there ever been a more beautifully ornamental weeping Redbud? Bred from stellar parents -- 'Covey' x 'Forest Pansy' -- Ruby Falls is a breathtaking dwarf weeping-habit specimen, compact, elegantly formed, and ready to steal the spotlight from every other neighboring plant in your landscape!

The blooms arise before the foliage in spring, deep lavender flowers on bright red stems and bracts. Very showy, they remain for several weeks before being joined by glossy, heart-shaped maroon-red leaves held on pendulous branches close to the central stem of the tree.

As spring turns to summer, the foliage turns dark green with abundant washes and streaks of violet, particularly in colder climates. It keeps these hints of purple throughout the hottest summer weather and right into fall, only dropping when the seriously cold temperatures arrive. And even in Winter, Ruby Falls offers an elegant bare silhouette!

Developed at North Carolina State University in 2009, this stunning dwarf reaches just 6 to 8 feet high and less than 6 feet wide at maturity. We highly recommend it! Zones 6-8.