Seed Starter with 18 Deep Pots

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Deeper pots with better aeration

These 3½-inch pots allow for deeper roots and more extensive growth prior to transplant.

Starting plants from seed saves you so much money, and guarantees that the plant you grow is exactly the variety you want, not simply the one your local nursery or big-box store chose to carry. It's a rewarding and exciting process to see a plant go from seed to seedling in a few weeks and then get popped into the garden. But some varieties, especially perennials, can take a while to germinate. Others need to vernalize over winter before sprouting. What's the solution for these challenges?

The Seed Starter Tray with 18 Deep Pots is the answer. It's a terrific option for beginning all your annuals and perennials from seed. Unlike most seed starting systems, each pot is quite large—3½ inches square—and deep, giving roots a time to really branch out and develop. Each pot has ridged edges, which prevents the roots from sitting in water at the base of the pot, improving aeration and seedling health. And the pots are contained neatly within the 18 cells of this watertight tray, so they don't fall apart when it's time to transplant them. You can even remove them from the tray as they grow larger and set them in the windowsill or anywhere else. No pressure to transplant as soon as the seedlings begin to branch out.

After you've transplanted all your seedlings, simply clean the pots and the starter tray with soap and water, then refill using any good soilless seed starting mixture. It's endlessly reusable.

The Seed Starter Tray is a great way to grow bigger, healthier seedlings, even perennials that may take months or even a season or two to reach transplant size. You'll love the results.


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March 27, 2014

Best system

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

This is my favorite way to start seeds. I've tried the Jiffy pots and pellets and they get mold all over. You can move these around under a grow light and they are flexible enough to pop the plant right out. I will order more of these!

Penny from GA

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