Seed Sale

Shop our discount seeds for your garden.

Seed sales bring up visions of unwanted or old, leftover seeds. Not at Park Seed! If you are looking for the highest quality vegetable and flower seeds at a greatly discounted price, check out Park Seed’s Seed Sale (say that five times fast).

This is a great opportunity to try growing something new with discount seeds. Step outside your gardening comfort zone and try growing different varieties of plants at low costs so you can compare—like a new type of eggplant, or tomato, or an obscure variety of vegetable like kohlrabi. You may discover a new favorite. Have fun in the garden by taking advantage of these wonderful savings.

Be sure to check back frequently because we’re always running new seed sales, and best of all, some seeds can be preserved for next year, so you can grow your seed stash in time for the next season.