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Shock Wave® Deep Purple Petunia Seeds

Shock Wave® Deep Purple Petunia Seeds

Expect the 1½- to 2-inch flowers in continuous bloom from mid-spring 'til early fall

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The Original Wave® Petunias transformed the way American gardeners grew petunias. Once a bedding plant, suddenly these new spreading types made every hanging basket and window box awash with bold color that just kept coming and coming. Well, now there is an even better Wave—the new Shock Wave series of earlier, more weather resistant, self-cleaning blooms. They begin much sooner in spring, thanks to less day-length sensitivity, and they keep coming all summer and into fall. And the old blooms obligingly drop from the plants, so no more deadheading for you.

These trumpet-shaped 1½- to 2-inch blooms simply blanket the plant beginning in mid-spring, weeks before other spreading petunias are even setting buds. Reaching 8 to 10 inches high with a very full, mounding shade, these plants spread 2 to 3 feet wide, and keep setting new buds in the center of the plant instead of just at the end of the stems. This way, Shock Wave looks as full and fresh in August as it did in May.

And the Shock Waves stand up to rain, humidity, heat, and other environmental stresses better than older Waves, bouncing back from summer showers and thunderstorms very well. Compact and very well-branched, they keep their lush, full habit even in the dog days of August, when every other plant around them wilts at noonday and struggles to keep going.

Now, the one thing Shock Wave needs for its powerhouse blooms is food, so fertilize this plant a bit more heavily than you normally would to keep those flowers coming. Then settle back and enjoy.

Deep Purple grows and flowers at exactly the same time as the other colors in the series, and makes a good companion to new Coral Crush and Red. There's even an economical collection of all separate colors, perfect for a large planting or to share the wealth with friends.

This seed comes as a "pellet". "Pelleted" seeds are small seeds that have been clay-coated to make them larger and more uniform in size and shape, making them easier to handle when planting.

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Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0


Amie from UT wrote on October 10, 2018

All of the seeds germinated, and plants looked gorgeous in pots throughout our front yard this year. I'm back to purchase more for next year. I plan to start them in January this time, instead of March, so I can get them outside earlier in the summer ... they are very slow growers.

Impressed with Shock wave
Cindy B. from NJ wrote on July 06, 2018

This color is so rich and looks velvety when you get close. I am really impressed with the shock wave series as I wanted petunias for hanging pots and was hesitant as most petunias get very tired and floppy looking if it is hot out. These are the 2" type so they are smaller but not too small to be unimpressive. They are very showy, and probably don't need much pinching but I like to remove all the little heads that are going to seed, just to be safe. Germination- I only planted 10 seeds, and I think from those two did not ever germinate. And they hold up so well in heat. I wish shock wave had more colors, I would buy them all.