Sombrero® Adobe Orange Coneflower

Sombrero® Adobe Orange Coneflower

A Feisty New Coneflower!

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Such a splendid Coneflower! This Sombrero® series variety offers hard-to-find orange tones coupled with a compact size and extra-long season of bloom. You will love it in containers, the garden, and of course the vase!

Adobe Orange lives up to its name with petals of rich, burnt-umber orange around a large, pointed brown cone. Measuring 2½ to 3 inches wide, they last a long time, the petals downturned to accommodate all those butterflies and bees that visit the bloom in summer! Then, after the petals fall in autumn, birds come to peck the seeds out of the cone, adding another season of beauty to your sunny garden!

This Echinacea is quite compact, just 2 feet high and not quite as wide, but with multiple flowering stems and lush, large foliage. A selection of the native American perennial, it is quite at home in our gardens, withstanding heat, humidity, poor soil, and even drought. It has developed a resistance to pests and diseases, and puts up with a great deal of adversity. So easy to grow, so long-lived!

Adobe Orange is a fine cut-flower, both fresh and as an elegant dried cone after the petals have fallen. This perennial is endlessly beautiful and useful, a must-have for any sun-soaked garden spot. Make it part of your landscape this season! Zones 4-9.