Growing Supplies and Tools

Get all the gardening gear you want for your yard

Shopping for garden supplies online should be easy for gardeners. With Park Seed, you know you’re getting quality items that help you grow and maintain a beautiful garden–whether it’s just a container on your patio or a large, rowed plot. Our garden tools are chosen for their durability to meet even the toughest gardening standards, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun with our garden supplies, too! That’s why we sell hummingbird feeders, canning jars and more.

Love birdhouses? We sell a gorgeous variety of them. Need to protect your plants during the winter? We have protective covers, tents and greenhouses to shield your garden. Best of all, you can see the products that other gardeners have loved most by looking at our 5-star Customer Favorites. For everything your garden needs–and you desire–shop Park Seed’s garden supplies and tools.