Growing Supplies and Tools

Get all the gardening gear you want for your yard

If you are a new homeowner or maybe you are gardening for the first time, there are some basic tools that will be necessary. Tools are great for getting the job done, but the right garden tools will make the job easier and more efficient.

Let’s start with the landscaping tools. If you have any plants in your yard, a simple hand pruner will be needed. Pruning tools can be used for deadheading spent flowers, removing dead or damaged branches and keeping plants neat and tidy. A bypass pruner is a good choice. This type of pruner has blades that overlap giving a nice and clean, cut edge. It works great for smaller jobs. If you have bushes that you prefer to trim or shape, hedge shears are a better choice.

In your home garden, there are certain garden hand tools that will make the planting and maintenance easier. A hand trowel is essential. This tool is used to plant your seedlings in the spring. A trowel can be used to plant bulbs and new perennials. Use the trowel to dig out weeds, including the roots. Every gardener has a favorite tool for weeding and working up the soil when mixing in fertilizer or compost. The type of garden you have will help determine what tool will work best for you.

Make sure you have some basic garden supplies also. These should include fertilizers and pest control. Fertilizers are mixed to be used in vegetable gardens or flower gardens and there are also mixes that are for special gardens or plants — for instance, roses. If you have a rose garden, you may want to have a fertilizer made specifically for them.

Ordering your gardening supplies online is an easy way to be prepared with all you need, delivered right to your door.