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Caladium Tapestry

Caladium Tapestry

Finally, a caladium that gets up and grows fast

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Magnificent tri-colored foliage like no other.

Definitely not Grandpa's caladium, Tapestry is a fairly recent introduction, and it really shows how far the breeding of this beautiful foliage plant can be taken. Larger and brighter than most others, it also sprouts more quickly and fills in faster than older varieties. We think you'll love it.

Tapestry comes by its good looks and great vigor honestly. Its parents are both famous classic varieties: White Christmas and Red Flash. Yet Tapestry goes well beyond their performance by sprouting several days earlier and quickly reaching its full size of at least 22 inches high. Individual leaves often reach a foot long and about 7 inches wide—just a larger, more dramatic scale than we're used to seeing in Fancy Leaf caladiums. Really impressive.

And the color play is fascinating. The heart-shaped foliage offers a frosty, almost bluish white base, overlaid with a thick moss-green edge that fades out into freckles and spots as it goes inward onto the leaf, plus bright, distinctive pinkish-red veins. No two leaves will be marked just alike on this sun tolerant foliage plant, yet all will be magnificent.

Introduced by the University of Florida (which has brought us so many wonderful new caladiums), Tapestry is a good choice for sunnier areas. It still fares best in dappled sunlight to partial shade, but it can tolerate more sun farther north, making it more adaptable outdoors than many others. And like all caladiums, it all makes a fine houseplant.

Easy to grow, caladium belongs in every landscape and home. Simply pop the bulb into warm spring soil or good potting mix, and within a few days the tendrils arise, tightly furled and very tall. Half the fun is watching them open and fill out into a lush, many-layered, dense plant.

If you are growing Tapestry outdoors, be sure to bring it inside or dig up the bulb and store before first frost. It will last for several years.

Pack of 5 bulbs