Tomato Purple Boy

Tomato Purple Boy

Intriguing color and delectable flavor!

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48 inch Park's Wire Tomato Pen - Pack of 3
80 days from setting out transplants.

This new tomato combines all the flavor of the heirloom Cherokee Purple but with an improved disease resistance package. Its deep violet color, intense rich flavor, and stunning violet-purple hues, offers that true homegrown tomato tang! Where Cherokee Purple was under high disease pressure and did not grow well, this hybrid can be grown and enjoyed all summer long. The Tomato Purple Boy Hybrid is resistant to nematodes, verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, and tobacco mosaic. Slightly ridged and very symmetrically shaped, these tomatoes combine juiciness with a strong tomato tang, the type unknown to those rock-hard supermarket varieties. Only 80 days from setting out transplants.

Tomato Purple Boy is indeterminate, so it keeps growing and setting new fruit all summer long! Stake this vigorous plant well and then offer a little extra help to bring in its crop of giants! We recommend pruning the plant as it grows also. For extra-large tomatoes, remove all but a few flowers, so the plant can concentrate its energy into fewer fruit. They may need some support as they mature on the plant, their massive weight pulling them downwards.