Tomato Seeds & Plants

Grow red, juicy tomatoes with Park Seed!

At Park Seed, we're known for our high-quality tomato seeds and plants. Choose heirloom tomato seeds loved for their rich flavor and adaptability. Or grow our hybrid tomato plants and seeds—each one selected for its ease of care and kitchen merit.

From cherry to roma to beefsteak tomatoes, we have what you need for garden or container. Our famous tomatoes are great for everything from tangy sauces to salads and sandwiches. For the best tomato sandwiches, choose beefsteak or other slicing varieties. And if you're wanting lots of fruit early in the season, grow cherry and grape tomatoes. These varieties are also the best for eating straight off the vine! Grape and cherry tomato seeds are also a great choice for the container gardeners.

And when in doubt, explore new tomato seed varieties and tomato plants for sale. After all, who can resist buying tomato seeds for a tomato with the name Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee Purple, or Green Zebra?