Top Chop Collard Seeds

(P) Pkt of 200 seeds
Item #52943-PK-P1


Spring and fall harvests

Days to Maturity: 74

A hybrid variety, Top Chop Collard is grown as a leafy vegetable, forming a loose bouquet of large leaves. The plant has a fast regrowth and very high bolt resistance, making for bountiful harvests. The broad, flat, dark green leaves have good texture and sweet flavor. Collard is considered a superfood for its nutrient rich content, having a high (top 20) Aggregate Nutrient Density Index score (ANDI), or micronutrient-per-calorie density. It is an excellent source of fiber, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and K, and a good source of vitamin E, vitamin B-6, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

An herbaceous biennial, typically grown as an annual, Top Chop Collard, is a member of the cabbage and mustard family (Brassicaceae or Cruciferae), commonly called crucifers, brassicas, or cole crops. Top Chop's upright habit makes it easy to harvest. A good choice for the South, it remains productive in warmer weather and may even be overwintered in some locations.

Easy to grow from seed, Top Chop Collard prefers full sun and organically rich, consistently moist, well-draining loams with a slightly acidic pH between 6.0 and 6.5.

A cool-season, winter-hardy vegetable, the toughest of the cool-season crops, one of the first to be planted in the garden, collard seed can be direct sown into the garden as soon as the soil is workable in early spring, approximately 4 weeks before the last frost date. Seeds can also be started indoors 6 to 8 weeks before transplanting into the garden, early spring and fall. It needs cold temperatures to germinate and grow, withstanding light frost and temperatures below 28°F. Row covers offer added protection from heavy frost. Mulching helps to moderate soil temperature and to maintain soil moisture.

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Genus Brassica
Species oleracea
Variety Top Chop
Item Form (P) Pkt of 200 seeds
Days to Maturity 74
Fruit Color Green
Habit Upright
Seeds Per Pack 200
Additional Characteristics Edible
Foliage Color Dark Green
Uses Beds, Cuisine, Outdoor

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