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Ficus Violette de Bordeaux Fig

Ficus 'Violette de Bordeaux' Fig

Delicious, healthy and easy to grow

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'Violette de Bordeaux' Fig is a pleasingly compact variety that offers both beauty and scrumptious fruit all in a convenient, container sized package. Its pretty spring and summer flowers turn into plump, purple fruit with sweet pink flesh that is a perfectly tasty and healthy treat for fresh eating. Every garden should have an edible component, and this fig adds beautiful blooms and fragrance as well as delicious edibles to the garden. This self-fertile fig produces twice a year and preforms best in full sunlight. It's also disease, drought, and pest tolerant so very easy to maintain and take care of. 'Violette de Bordeaux' grows quickly and needs very little tending to flourish. It will do well in a bed or as a border or plant it in a container and have fresh figs at your fingertips. Try it out in your kitchen garden and you won't be disappointed.

Figs love the sun. They perform best in the sunniest spot as well as having a well drained soil. Figs are perfectly ripe when they are at the point of falling apart. Once they fall off, they don't ripen much more so make sure you pick them at the proper time. They are super easy to maintain and are a true gourmet delight. You will never completely enjoy a fig until you grow it yourself. Also, deer leave them alone.