Parks Whopper Strawberry Plants & 2 Growin Bags

Park's Whopper Strawberry Plants & 2 Growin' Bags

Enjoy Fresh Berries without Crawling Around in the Dirt!

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Well, we can't persuade Mother Nature to start growing Strawberries on trees, but our Growin' Bags may just be the next best thing for bringing your sweet, plump berries to eye level! Just try them with Park's Whopper Strawberry plants -- winter-hardy, heavy-bearing, and so delicious! -- and you'll find out just how easy "vertical gardening" can really be!

Who says you have to crawl around in the dirt to grow great strawberries? Give your back and knees a break -- and your eyes a treat! -- by growing your berries against the patio wall, dangling from a post or hook, or in any other "vertical" location you choose! Just fill the reusable, almost indestructible Growin' Bags with potting soil, set a Park's Whopper Strawberry plant in each of the 10 holes along the side of the bag, water it well to get the roots going, and hang it in any sunny spot. It's just that easy!

Growing berries off the ground makes a lot of sense. You get to enjoy the lovely white blooms that appear before the fruit. And when the berries emerge, they stay cleaner, are less prone to rot and nibbling insects, and are free to develop full, perfectly-formed shapes -- no flat white side! You get a ton of berries in a compact space. Big fruits, worthy of the Park's Whopper name, arrive in early summer on cold-hardy plants that are just as at home in the Northeast as in the deep South!

To get you started on the strawberry patch -- or should we say "pole"? -- of your dreams, we've got 25 delicious, heavy-bearing Whopper strawberry plants plus 2 Growin' Bags. Just add soil, water, and a hearty appetite! Zones 3-8.

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Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5.0


Jane from NC wrote on April 09, 2018

I agree with another review - the growing bags are not great. I received my plants in the second week of March, really too early for planting in Western NC, but instructions said to plant asap and website indicated I would not receive until the time was right for planting in my area, so... I've lost about six of the plants and the others are hanging on, but not doing much growing. Have to see what happens in the coming months

Fast growing great strawberries
Manda629 from FL wrote on March 25, 2016

This plant grows extremely fast if you follow the proper care instructions. I'm a first time berry grower. I got this plant a month ago and already have 20 plus berries growing with more flowering!

Not enough drainage in bags
Kaitlin from MD wrote on April 08, 2013

The plants are very hardy, and I was surprised at how quickly they sprang to life and grew new leaves. The bags though... After a few weeks I removed the bottom plants and put them in normal containers. The drainage is just not sufficient in the bags (one tiny little hole) and the plants at the bottom get drowned. I would suggest leaving just dirt in the bottom half and also cutting more drainage holes. The plants at the top are doing great.

5 Star Plants 2 Star Bags
Priya Talreja from CA wrote on April 03, 2013

The bags were small and flimsy but the plants had impressive crowns and roots. I think the bag should be made sturdier and instead of 2 small flimsy bag give 1 strong bag large enough to hold all 25 plants and change the handle/hanger to make it easier to hang and water.

Great plants, poor bags
amy from GA wrote on January 07, 2013

The plants were fine. I, however, disliked the growing bags immensely. After a couple of weeks of poor performance and difficulty throughly watering, I ended up removing the plants from the bags and planting them in the ground where they grew vigorously. I did not have any fruit set last year, but am hoping for massive amounts this spring.