Zinnia Seeds

Big, brightly colored accents to any garden

Everyone loves zinnia. They are the happy blossoms in the garden. Their flowers are immediately recognizable for their bold, crayon colors, which include purple, yellow, pink, red and many, many more. Zinnia seeds are super easy to start and germinate. They can either be sown directly in the garden or started indoors for a jump-start on spring. In fact, zinnias are so easy to plant and grow that it is almost impossible to fail, which makes them a great choice for a children’s garden. And kids love the bright, cheery blooms.

Zinnia plants come in all different heights, so they can be grown in any part of your garden beds — from the front of the border to the background flowers in the back. The flower stems are long and strong, making them a favorite of the butterflies who need a flower they can land on. Those attributes also make the Zinnia flowers a favorite for cut flower bouquets. The more you cut, the more flowers your zinnia plant will produce. Your zinnia plant will set new buds as soon as you cut or deadhead the old flowers.

The flowers themselves vary in shape and size. They can be single or double flowers, dahlia flowered zinnias or a “scabiosa bloom” due to its pincushion flower shape. If the bright primary colors are a little too vibrant for your garden beds, there are softer color zinnias available also, as well as multicolored zinnia varieties.