Grow Trays 1020 Black - no holes, extra strength, 2.5 inches deep Image

Grow Trays 1020 Black - no holes, extra strength, 2.5 inches deep

1020 no holes (5 pack) Black
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Deep, heavy-duty multipurpose trays for starting seeds and plugs and growing microgreens

Made in USA

The best way to water your growing seedlings and microgreens after they have sprouted is from the bottom up, and these reusable watertight 1020 Grow Trays work perfectly with the Plug Tray 6 Cell Inserts, the 1020 Grow Trays with holes, the 1020 Hemp Grow Mats, and the 1020 Humidity Domes to make growing and watering a breeze. Propagation trays are perfect for fodder and fodder systems, microgreens, wheatgrass, and germination of seedlings in soil or hydroponics for hobby or commercial growers.

When growing microgreens, you will need to have trays with small holes to grow in and trays with no holes for bottom watering and stacking. Water wicks up evenly and consistently through the holes to ensure your plants receive just the right amount of moisture they need, while keeping the leaves dry, reducing the risk of mold, and protecting tender stems from damage. The trays with holes also drain easily and are great for varieties with larger roots that benefit from top watering. The shallow trays allow you to quickly and easily cut your microgreens as close to the roots as possible, maximizing harvests. Trays can be stacked or covered with a humidity dome during germination to maintain moisture levels.

And no, outstanding quality isn't a thing of the past. You'll feel the difference the moment you touch a Bootstrap Farmer tray. Made with solid engineering and thoughtful design, these tough, heavy-duty multipurpose propagation trays are built like a tank. Made with the highest-quality, longest-lasting materials, and tested with over 50 lbs of weight without breaking, they are ridiculously strong, rigid, and sturdy. They'll stand up to wear and tear, even use and abuse, year after year. And they're made of food safe, BPA free, #5 polypropylene plastic, so they're easy to clean: just pop them in the dishwasher on the top rack, but be sure NOT to use the heating element—just let them air dry.

So, when you're serious about gardening and tired of flimsy trays that crack, flake, and break and need to be replaced every season, make a long-term investment in your garden that will pay dividends for years to come. Your only regret will be not buying them sooner.


1020 Grow Trays Black - no holes work with the following items:

  • Grow Trays 1020 Black - holes nest inside the 1020 trays without holes.
  • Plug Tray 6 Cell Inserts Black fit 12 per 1020 tray.
  • Hemp Grow Mats 1020 are pre-cut to fit in the 1020 tray, 1 mat per tray.
  • 1020 Humidity Domes Clear fits on all 1020 trays.

Made with extra thick, BPA free, food safe #5 polypropylene plastic.

Dimensions for 1020 Grow Trays:

Outer dimensions: 20.98" L x 10.76" W x 2.5" D
Inner bottom dimensions: 20.39" L x 10.15" W
Thickness: 1.8 - 2.0mm


We suggest using trays of the same depth when nesting trays


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Item Form Pack of 5
Color Black
Size 1020 no holes (5 pack)
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